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Here’s your chance to travel across the different countries of Europe from the comfort of your own home.  You must travel from Honningsvag the most northern town in Norway all the way to Faro in Portugal.

How 'European Tour' works

You will log onto a virtual meeting where the group will be split into teams. They will then have to complete a number of challenges to be able to move from location to location. 

Challenges will vary from finding items in your teams houses to performing tasks. 

Teams will receive points for the questions they answer as well as the tasks they complete. 

The team that makes it back to England first will receive  bonus points.  

The whole event is run by a friendly host who will be on hand to help with any problems you may have throughout the event. 

For every challenge that must be completed you will have to send evidence of this. 

Teams will assign a lead communicator from their team who would be responsible for sending their challenges back to our team who would then allocate points. 

It is a race against the other teams and the first team to make it all the way to Faro will be crowned the winners. 

Why 'European Tour'?

Bring your team together with some fun and interactive challenges. 

Who is 'European Tour' for?



  • Fun
  • Team Building
  • Challenging