Lauren Barker

Lauren Barker

Events Instructor

Laura Barker   

Job Title: Events Instructor

- When did you join Demon Wheelers?

July 2017.

- How did you come to work at Demon Wheelers?

My work with Demon Wheelers all started with being a helping set of hands for a last minute event back in July 2017. What started off as a helping hand, turned into lots of event experience with a great team...and I haven't looked back since!

- What is your favourite event?

Being an International Events Management with Arts and Entertainment graduate, naturally I steer towards the creative events. For me, it's the transformation we can do to an event space which I love! Fancy a beach themed event but in the middle of London? Sure, we can do that and actually make you feel like you're 3000 miles away!

- What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Currently I'm working on my own side projects within events to develop my industry knowledge and experience (hopefully to some day be my own boss). I know it's more work but hey, I'm a Capricorn...we love to work!

- What is your favourite film?

Rainman - what a film!

- What is you favourite drink?

Non-alcoholic - an ice cold can of Diet Coke! Alcoholic - pint of Guinness (it's practically a meal and a drink in one!).

- What is your favourite food?

Can't go wrong with a Chinese takeaway!

- First album you ever bought?


- If you could meet one famous person dead or alive who would it be?

Lady Gaga.

- Favourite place you have visited?

My favourite time of the year is Christmas and for me Austria is AMAZING during the festive season. Any season in Austria just looks stunning, whether you're exploring the country's cities or hiking in the rural villages/towns!

- What is your best memory of working for Demon Wheelers/Wildfire?

During Tolmers Scout Camp, one of the kids was terrified of going on the quad bikes so I went round with them on the track. The job satisfaction from seeing a smile on their face afterwards (and even asking to go on the quads again) was amazing!

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